Forging Manufacturers in India, Usai Forge

USAI Forge Pvt. Ltd. (USAIFPL) was established in the year 2007 for the manufacture of forgings used in the Oil and Gas Industry and Automobile Industry and various other Industries covering Fertilizers/ Oil Refining/ Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels/ General Engineering/ Thermal Power Plants/ Ship Building/ Steel Plants/ Railways/ Aerospace and Defence.

The Facility is equipped with the latest forging and Induction heating equipments sourced from Europe and the material handling during the complete forging process is fully robotized and automated.

Forging Facility includes Induction Heating Systems/ Hot Shear/ 500 Ton hydraulic Multi-function Press/ 150 Ton Hammer with Manipulator/ 2700 Ton Closed die Screw Press/ 500 Ton Hydraulic Extrusion and Piercing Press/ 150 Ton Hydraulic Trimming Press/ handling by Automated Manipulators; Hydraulic Presses 200 MT & 250 MT.

The main product is Tool Joint forgings which are used in the manufacture of Drill Pipes. The Tool Joints are manufactured in accordance to the International Standards and as per the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API), API Specification 5DP.

USAI Forge also manufactures Double Shoulder (DS) and High Torque (HT) Connections for Tool Joints / Cross Overs / Subs / Oil Field Accessories.

USAI Forge has API 5CT License for the manufacture of Couplings and is also Threader. Manufacturing activity includes threading of all API 5CT Connections for Casing and Tubing. 2 Step Premium Connections and Flush Connections for Casing and Tubing are also manufactured.

Couplings are manufactured in accordance to the applicable API Specifications 5CT and as per the Customer requirements, used in Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries.

Precision Machining Facility includes CNC Machines, Multi Axis CNC machines, Vertical Turning Lathes, Horizontal boring machines, Vertical grinding Lathes, CNC Seam welding machines, VMC machines, Honing Machine, and high precision CNC machines for precision engineering components.

High precision components are forged for the Aerospace and Defence applications and the Quality Management Systems of the Facility meet the stringent Quality Standards as set out by the Aerospace Quality Management Standards (AQMS), in addition to meeting the ISO 9001 : 2015 Standards.

USAI Forge is recognized and approved by various prestigious Companies all over the World. We are committed to produce the highest quality products and to meet the Customers ever changing expectations in the ever changing competitive World.

We are committed to the Environment and always strive to preventing pollution and in conserving and preserving natural resources. Going Green is what we strive for everyday and we believe in providing the best working conditions to all our Employees and we care for their health and safety at all times.

The Corporate Office is in Hyderabad and the Facility, in the South East of Hyderabad, about 90 Kms from Hyderabad on the National Highway 9 and in the Southern part of India. The Facility is easily accessible by rail, road and Air. The nearest Airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.
Forging Manufacturers in India, Usai Forge